Sometimes a bride has unique desires for her wedding day ... a special request, a theme wedding to coordinate, or concerns about storing her veil prior to the wedding day. A veil you already purchased probably came in a zip lock plastic bag - take it out and hang it up to remove wrinkles. This same veil was flat packed and needs to be fluffed up. You may want to alter this veil by adding another layer, ribbon edging, or pearls. I can do that for you. Hairspray can give the veil more body. A dryer sheet will help with static cling. The shower can help with wrinkles. You may have the perfect headpiece for your dress; however, it does not work with your face or hair. Not to worry, I can alter it to coordinate with your dress and flatter your face. Weddings can lead to pregnancies and baptisms. Please consider an heirloom christening bonnet ... start a tradition for your family.


One bride brought me a collection of “antiquey” jewelry from her grandmothers – old earrings, dress clips, pearls, all kinds of small pieces. I took them and created a delicate tiara for her. I added some new pearls to add texture and definition. It was a charming, one-of-a-kind piece with so much sentimental value to the bride. Another bride brought me her mother’s wide rhinestone bracelet from the 50’s. I built a bun wrap from it without damaging the bracelet – she can still wear it as a bracelet. One bride’s mother wanted a hat like the Empress of Japan had once worn. She made a tissue paper sample for me, and brought the fabric cut off to hem her dress. I created the hat for her … it was a perfect match to her dress at the wedding.

I can work to a theme wedding: Camelot pillbox, bandeau with Celtic knots, 30’s hats with mystery netting, etc. I recently did a “biker bride.” She wore black and wanted a black and white design so we kept the veiling white, edged it in 1/8-inch black satin ribbon, studded with opalescent crystals. Her veil hung from a black and white floral wreath with pearl accents. Over her tight, black leather jeans we put a white lace garter with crystals, pearls, and black ribbons woven through it. It was quite a statement. You can be as dramatic or subtle as you choose


Now that you have chosen your veil and headpiece, here are a few tips on storage. Keep the veil and headpiece together on a hangar if possible. The veiling should hang. If it is bunched up in a bag it will get terribly wrinkled. If wrinkled, DO NOT IRON – Bridal Illusion is nylon, it will melt. Instead, hang it in the bathroom after a long, steamy shower. Leave it there with the door closed for a couple of hours. The wrinkles will fall out.

Just hanging the veil for a few days allows the wrinkles to fall out. If your veil looks flat you can fluff it up by pulling the layers apart. Gently pull the layers apart at the base, where it has been sewn, at the gathers attached to the headpiece. Separate the layers at that base gently. If you want even more fluff, while you have the layers separated, give them a shot of hairspray (very cheap hairspray) right into the gathers. Allow the spray to dry before hanging it. This will give more body. Do not use spray starch, it is too wet, it comes out in blobs and is white. Cheap hairspray works just fine. If this does not give enough fluff to your veil, consider having another layer added to the veil or adding a “ruffle” under the veil to lift it. Now, if it is too fluffy, do not worry … just pet your veil like a cat until it has tamed down enough.

If your veil is detachable, be very careful of the velcro. It can attack and stick to the veiling. If you pull it away roughly, it will tear the bridal illusion. If it is stuck to your veiling, grasp the veiling in one hand near the velcro and with the other hand, gently roll and “wiggle” the velcro back and forth, away from the veiling. Be patient, it may take a few minutes to rescue your veil from the clutches of the vile velcro. Store your veil with the velcro folded back onto itself and put a safety pin through it. This will keep it contained, away from your veiling.


After the wedding ... consider having an heirloom bonnet designed for your baby's christening. Pin-tucks, entredeaux, puffing, lace insertion, embroidery, ribbons, whatever you would like for that special day. Many techniques and embroidery patterns are available. If you have an heirloom gown in the family already and it needs repair or "refreshing," I can take care of it for you.

Heirloom baby bonnet with embroidery, ribbons and lace
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