Brings the eye of the beholder up to the bride’s face.These can be formal (crown or tiara) or informal (floral sprays, headbands, etc), beaded or not, ornate or simple.Whatever you want. I can duplicate it if you have a picture, or I can refresh your mother’s headpiece. Any beading should match or complement the gown’s bodice bead work.

Brides with a round or square face should wear a tiara set back a bit on the head to elongate their face, or an inverted “V” tiara. A floral spray (less formal) should be in a peaked shape (higher in the center than on the sides). All of these styles will slim the face, make it appear narrower, elongate and add height to the bride. Headbands and flat crowns do not flatter these face shapes.

Brides with a long face need a more “squared” shape, like a crown or headband, with sides parallel and straight to add width to the face and jaw line. A floral spray should be in a straight shape, curving only slightly to the head. A tiara should be straight across the top – the same height across the top. These shapes also tend to make the bride appear shorter.

For a small face be careful to select a petite headpiece … consider even a Communion style so it does not overwhelm your delicate features. The veiling should be sheer (54-72 width) so you do not look like you are playing dress-up.

For a wide face the fuller (72-108 width) veiling will be a better balance to the dress.

Hats: Be careful in selecting a style for a hat.The brim will cast shadows on your face if it is too wide.You can have a detachable veil cascading from the back of the hat or add a small pouf.In the front you might want a “mystery net” covering your face.The crown and brim areas can also be decorated with lace, ribbon and flowers to coordinate with the dress.  Consider a hat for your attendants and flower girls.

Tiara:can be beaded or not.This is a traditional and very popular style for bridal headpieces.This style of headpiece stands up from the head, is mostly in the front, wrapping to both sides of the face, and is mounted on a circular frame or a comb. Basic tiaras are usually covered in fabric or lace, and embellished with beads or pearls.The modern trend is to use rhinestone and or pearl tiaras.These can be “antiquey” or modern looking. The beadwork should match your gown, containing the same elements – pearls, beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.Traditional veiling would be attached behind the tiara, covering the hair.Adding a pouf is more contemporary. You could have a modest pouf on the frame, bend the frame up in the back and raise the pouf to peek out from behind your face and hair.A pouf does not have to be big – it adds definition to the headpiece and lots of contrast with your hair.A pouf can hide thin hair or support a “skimpy” up hairdo. Veiling can be detachable or not.This style looks good on most faces, and can be modified easily.

Crown:very similar to a tiara, very formal.This is a full circle shape, with rhinestones, beading and or lace all around.It is straight across the top.Your veiling can be attached to the front of the crown and cover your hair, it can be attached inside the back edge of the crown flowing over the top of the crown, or it can come from beneath the back of the crown cascading down your back. Lots of options. It can wrap around a bun, or encircle your head.Veils can be removable. This type of headpiece tends to be heavier because of the size. If you have a round face and or thin hair, be careful with this style.

Wreath:this is less formal, open, loose and soft, usually a full circle covered in flowers.Can have crystals and pearls on monofilaments.It is usually too “light” to balance with a heavily beaded dress. If you want a wreath, be sure to choose one that is fuller, not too airy, and has the same beading elements as your dress. The veil can be detachable. If you try a wreath on with your dress, close your eyes in front of the mirror for a moment, now open your eyes quickly and then shut them again.  What did you see first?  If it was the dress, then the headpiece is too light.  I can sometimes add buds, flowers, pearl sprays and monofilaments to the wreath to fill it out so it balances with your dress.  With the proper headpiece the focus will be upon you because it balances with your dress.  After the honeymoon, detach your veil, and put your wreath on a straw hat.  Now you have a nice wedding “memory” to wear on a summer day.  Can also be made in various colors for your flower girl and brides maids.

Bandeau:usually a flat band which goes across the top of the head from side to side. It is not as long as a headband. The width and length vary according to the bride’s face, hairdo, and style of dress. Could be covered with fabric, lace, flowers, beads, hand-wired beaded lace, etc. A bandeau can be tilted up like a mini tiara. Good for most facial shapes. Extremely versatile, and can be worn as a back piece, beneath an up hairdo, or above a bun. Veiling can be detachable.

 Headbandcan be simple or elaborate. The headband is at least covered in satin or lace to match the bride’s dress. Add a bow, flowers, pearls, beads, rhinestones, etc, to the headband making it unique. This unassuming, traditional headpiece will shorten height. If it matches the components (lace, color, beads) of your dress, it will raise the focal point from your dress up to your face. Veiling can be detachable. After the veiling is removed, you could wear the headband again and again – New Year’s Eve, for instance.

Back of head piece:less formal, can be a decorated bow, a floral spray, a fabric covered base with beading, etc., with veiling added. Will not overwhelm the bride with too much headpiece because most of it is behind the face. Can be high enough to show over her hair from the front, and still have enough punch to raise the focal point to the face. Can be worn again for holidays or New Year’s. Veiling can be detached.

Floral Spray: can be any size flowers, with or without pearls/crystals. These flowers can be made from fabric, satin, lace, iridescent lace, ribbon, etc. Can be worn forward or toward the back of the head. This headpiece is less formal. If the flowers show above the hair, it will raise the eye to your face. After the wedding, remove the veiling and this headpiece can be attached to a straw hat for a lovely wedding memory.  Veiling can be attached with velcro. This also works well for mothers of the bride and groom, brides maids, and flower girls.