Embroidery and beading can be added to wedding gowns, shawls, slips, hankies, whatever you want.  It can be flowers, scrolls, words, monograms, etc.  There are many options.

Embroidery can be added to a plain wedding gown to personalize it.  Make yours unique by selecting the flowers or scrolls for your embroidery.  A touch of embroidery at the neckline creates a nice frame for your face.  By tapering the embroidery over the midriff, the waist will appear to become narrower.  A very nice illusion.  Embroidery on the hem or train of your gown will be the last thing your audience sees as you walk down the isle to the alter and as you leave the church.  It's what they will remember.

Some brides carry a hanky on their wedding day.  I can add embroidery to an heirloom hanky or make a new one for you.  These also make a nice thank you gift for your bridesmaids.  The embroidery can be a simple monogram, or I can add flowers and your wedding date ... your choice.

One bride asked me to embroider the hem of her gown with a line of poetry that her fiance had recited to her when he proposed.  I have made hankies for grooms, groomsmen, mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, etc.  For one wedding, I made 23 embroidered hankies with lace edging for all the ladies in the family, as momentos of the day.

I am a Licensed Martha Pullen Heirloom Sewing and Quilting instructor, and have been teaching sewing and embroidery classes for many years.