Brides Maids: In recent years the trend has been not to have your Brides Maids wear anything in their hair. Some priests are requiring that bare arms must be covered by jackets or shawls, be sure to check this. I can make shawls to match most dresses. Embellished gloves can be a nice touch. Any type of headpiece can be designed to coordinate with the bride ... floral, satin, lace, etc. It could be a small hat with a mystery veil, or a bow. Contemporary trends are not to do this. Instead of carrying a floral bouquet, they could have a small wrist purse, embellished with ribbons, laces, beads or flowers. What about some beaded hair pins to decorate their hair-dos? Whatever you would like to coordinate with the dresses. By selecting hairpins or a purse, you can be sure they will have a nice momento and use these items again.

Ring Bearer: For the ring bearer's pillow, pick a shape: heart, circle, square, rectangle ... now do you want plain, ruffled or flange edges? The fabric can be satin or lace to coordinate with your dress. The pillow top can be pin-tucked and embroidered, accented with pearls, or plain. Or a simple satin pillow with a ribbon at the center to attach the play wedding rings is very elegant. After the wedding put the pillow on your bed each morning after you make it for a wonderful memory of your wedding day - one of those ah-ha moments.

Flower Girls: Again, the same options as for Bridal, just scaled down. She can look like a junior bride with a veil and headpiece or she can have a simple bow, floral spray, or wreath. Whatever you want. I can match colors to the other attendants. Add a basket which can be decorated with ribbons and flowers in your colors. Or, she could carry a flower ball or a teddy bear with a sweet floral necklace. Maybe she wants to carry her own doll or teddy, we can dress her up by adding a floral necklace or small hat. For a winter wedding consider a velvet dress, with a long lace slip peeking from underneath, white fur muff and matching fur headband. Just remember, the younger she is, the simpler the headpiece should be or she will pull it off before getting to the altar. I've seen weddings with several flower girls and together they carried a lovely, long floral garland instead of each having a basket. Be sure to let her "practice" wearing her headpiece and "walking" with it. This is her "job" for the day ... she needs to rehearse just like a ballerina or a bride.


Straw hat with ivory flower.
Catalogue Item number: 400

Straw hat with pink flower and tan basket with white ribbons.
Catalogue Item number: 401

Satin covered headband with small bow.
Catalogue Item number: 402

Floral wreath with pearls and ribbon dangles at back.
Catalogue Item number: 403