The Veil Lady

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Rose Petal Place. I am the veil lady, and my name is Rosemarie and I design custom headpieces, hats and veils to work with your face, hairdo, and dress for Weddings, Quinceaneras, Communions, and for mourning. My veils, hats and headpieces are handmade, one-of-a-kind creations. Your veil will be cut to length – your waist, wrist, fingertip, etc. I have: white, diamond white, silk white, eggshell, and ivory bridal illusion. Any color of netting is available, or consider using a metallic thread to accent your veil’s edge. Your veil can be edged with a fine line of thread or satin ribbon. Or it can have a soft to very ruffled edge with or without satin ribbon. Any layer can be detachable. My satin ribbons vary from 1/16-inch to 3 inches wide.

I can also “refresh” your mother or grandmother’s headpiece for your wedding. These heirlooms require delicate attention. The veiling does not survive, but the laces and beads usually do. I must see the headpiece before quoting a price for refreshing it.

I can also design bows, halos, hats, floral sprays or wreaths for you, your bridesmaids and flower girls.

If you already have a veil and headpiece and are not happy with them, I can repair or alter them. Sometimes just minor changes can solve the problem. I can add ribbon edging to the existing veil, or even add layers of bridal illusion to the veil. Possibly you bought a headpiece which perfectly matches your gown but the shape is wrong for your face. Not to worry … I can re-shape it for you. Maybe you were given a veil and headpiece – it’s not your taste, but it was from someone you love dearly. I can subtly alter it so you are happy with it and everyone will remark how beautiful you look wearing it. Don’t despair, there are lots of options ...


Before selecting a veil or headpiece be sure to verify the color of your dress to match the veiling.  The white satin dresses usually match the white bridal illusion; however, the white silk fabrics are not that same bright white color.  For these dresses you need the Diamond White, Silk White, or Eggshell bridal illusion.  Fabric swatches are necessary to match the color.  Check also for beading on the dress – are there pearls or beads, ... is there a silver or gold accent in the beads, ... what about rhinestones, ... are there sequins, ... are those sequins clear or iridescent?  Is there a definite type of flower on the dress?  All these details help me to create the veil and headpiece of your dreams.  If you are a shy person, you might feel uncomfortable with an elaborate crown covered in rhinestones and monofilaments with a cathedral veil trailing behind you.  Do choose a headpiece which contains the same elements as your dress – sequins, pearls, beads, flowers, etc.  The headpiece must have the same kind of sparkle as your dress.  It must “balance” with your wedding dress, and will appear overwhelming when worn with your everyday clothing.  Your dress, headpiece and veil should all glorify you and frame you on your wedding day.

Your veil and headpiece will raise the focal point from your dress to your face.  Remember when you tried on veils at a bridal fair and all you saw was veil?  That was natural since you were dressed casually, probably wearing jeans or a miniskirt.

The wedding veil and dress are bigger than life.  To try on wedding dresses be sure to dress-up a bit – curl your hair and put on light make-up, some blusher and eye shadow, or the wedding dresses will overpower you.

Let’s consider beading:  Your wedding dress is dramatically designed and possibly heavily beaded.  It will draw your viewer’s attention.  The most beading and applique work will be concentrated on the bodice, across the neckline and over the shoulders of your dress.  The sparkle (from pearls, beads, or sequins) in your headpiece and the color contrast between the veiling and your hair, will draw attention up to your face, and balance your dress.  Your headpiece must contain the same elements as your dress to raise the viewer’s focal point from your dress up to your face.  It does not have to be ornate, just contain the same elements.  Beads in your headpiece will bring out the beading on your dress.  Satin ribbon edging and the absence of beads in your headpiece will accent the fabric of your dress.  Although, a few discreetly placed iridescent sequins can add a “spark” to your headpiece.



My designs are available as either:
Simple Budget, or Custom-Design.

If veil length is not an issue for you, consider the Simple Budget option. Here the standard lengths are used for veils with some options for edgings, and simple headpieces. Or, I can totally design a Custom headpiece and veil for you. The choice is up to you.